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The past few month I’ve been working extremely hard on my town. Working hours at a time to get it how i wanted. FINALLY i got enough roses to complete my town. I planned to theme it Alice in Wonderland and I think I have done quite well with it and I’m very proud. I will always change my town around with villagers moving in and out, having new pwp and breeding more roses. 

I would love for people to come and visit my dream address and let me know what you think. I’ll be happy to do the same for you. Thank you so much in advance. 

Dream address: 7200-2233-6632

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I visited a super-cool dream village. Alice in Wonderland theme!

the address is: 3300-0238-8542

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Alice Madness Returns Collection by  さらんらっぷ・さらら

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Alice inspired! I have a modern looking Alice costume that I will post later in the day. ;3

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Hey there! Thank you for the follow 8)

Hi hi, no worries.

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Flare tilted her head. "Blue tongue Night Fury?" She never heard of that breed before.

Fira opened her mouth, showing her blue tongue and gums “all of our organs are blue instead o’ pink ‘r red” she explained “my species is native to incredibly high altitudes so we’ve bigger lungs than other furies”

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when a good url is taken by a shitty blog 


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Want more facts? Visit the Ultrafacts blog!

The national geographic one gets me all the time.

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